Does Your Dachshund Sleep A Lot? Is It Normal

Does Your Dachshund Sleep A Lot? Is It Normal

Dachshunds are adorable, often sweet-natured little dogs. They can be an excellent choice of a pet for a family with children or a first-time owner.  Dachshunds are happiest when napping against your body. They are fierce barkers which are enhanced by their sensitive hearing. They are loyal companions that can be independent at times. They are also couch potatoes that have no shame about their love of relaxing on the couch. 

This blog will help you tell if your dachshund is sleeping too much as well as giving you suggestions as to how to help them to sleep less and stay healthy.

What is the typical amount of sleep an average dog gets each day?

Sleep is a dimension of dog existence that most people take for granted. Dogs wake up frequently, bark at strangers, and are active during the day. However, the length and quality of sleep vary significantly between dog breeds. How much sleep your dog gets each day will determine how well they prepare for the day ahead and what symptoms you may observe. The average dog sleeps about 12 – 14 hours a day, but some doze off during the day or stay awake for long periods. 

Is it true that Dachshunds are such lazy slobs?

It is generally accepted that Dachshunds are among the slothful few. Just as some people hate their jobs, many Dachshund owners feel that their dogs are lazy. This is because many Dachshund owners teach their young dogs that it is acceptable to sit and wait for something, rather than engaging in an activity that requires energy such as running or playing fetch.

However, there are many reports that say that these dogs enjoy their lives and make great companions for adults. It is said that certain Dachshund breeds love bright colors and loud noises while others like quiet company. Senior citizens often prefer a quiet time when they can still get the workout they need from their muscles and bones instead of being confined to a padded room. 


Dachshunds sleep a lot. This is normal and expected. The most important things to keep in mind when caring for a dog are keeping track of its sleeping and feeding schedules, making sure food and water are available throughout the day and making sure that your bed is comfortable and doesn’t have any obstacles or dents that could pose problems for your dog during the night. Sleeping 12 to 14 hours is normal for any dog, but in case your Dachshunds sleep more than fourteen hours a day, you should pay attention to their schedule, activities, and foods. It is best that you consult a veterinarian. 

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